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Dr. Alison Mitzner somehow does it all! Like most parents, there are times when she probably wonders how she’s able to juggle so much while keeping her sanity.
The multitalented New York City pediatrician and journalist also has many years of experience as a mother and fitness fanatic under her belt, and has built a strong platform to share her knowledge.  

If I know anything about toddlers, it's that they're either not hungry at all, or starving. And typically, it goes like this: Dinner? Not hungry. Bedtime? Starving. Denying food to a toddler claiming to be hungry at bedtime is a hard task, and not one that I've yet mastered.

Dr. Alison

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What Are Good Bedtime Snacks for Toddlers?

My story is simple: as a pediatrician and a mom, I love sharing information to family and friends and they repeatedly tell me I help them easily understand topics in a calming stress free way. I have also learned first hand about alternative integrative medicine practices.  With so many places to get information lately, which can be overwhelming for soon-to-be moms and parents, I was encouraged and motivated to share my knowledge and information to a wider audience-now you.  Keep in touch and sign up for more. You can also follow me @alisonmitznermd​.




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