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Expecting a baby is such an exciting time!! It can also however be overwhelming for some soon-to-be-parents. Having information along the way will make it that much less stressful, and easier and more enjoyable. 

If I know anything about toddlers, it's that they're either not hungry at all, or starving. And typically, it goes like this: Dinner? Not hungry. Bedtime? Starving. Denying food to a toddler claiming to be hungry at bedtime is a hard task, and not one that I've yet mastered.

Dr. Alison


My story is simple: as a pediatrician and a mom, I love sharing information to family and friends and they repeatedly tell me I help them easily understand topics in a calming stress free way. I have also learned first hand about alternative integrative medicine practices.  With so many places to get information lately, which can be overwhelming for soon-to-be moms and parents, I was encouraged and motivated to share my knowledge and information to a wider audience-now you.  Keep in touch and sign up for more. You can also follow me @alisonmitznermd​.




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