Dr. Alison Mitzner


MARCH  2018

By:  Alison Mitzner MD

Did You Know I Made it to the Final 5 in the 1st Annual FitDoc Competition This Month? 

I had the great opportunity to participate in the first annual inaugural FitDocs competition this past March 16-17th in Miami!  It was a great experience and I was proud to stand in the #final5 for this FitDoc competition! Amongst this incredible group of doctors, we all not only work to be the best version of ourselves, but role models to advocate the importance of health and fitness.  This was a year long journey that started by a colleague asking if I wanted to join in on this fitness event. I had NO idea what I was getting into, other than I loved working out, and as a fitness lover, single mom and doctor who really enjoys helping others learn the importance and benefits of health and fitness, it sounded like something right up my alley. And it also sounded fun to meet and surround myself with new people all with similar interests as me.   Close to backing out, thinking it may be too much time, I decided to stick with it and I’m so glad I did!

It was so rewarding, motivating and inspiring so many over this past year journey- parents, colleagues, my kids, new parents, new moms, soon-to-be moms, friends and more... to take the time for their health and reiterate the importance on all levels. The weekend competition was about just that (and me in a non-black bathing suit!) and just the beginning of the FitDocs movement. The purpose of this movement is to encourage colleagues, family, and friends and more to lead healthier lifestyles by LEADING BY EXAMPLE.  Practice what you preach.   People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say! I cannot wait to continue this journey and look forward to the year to come.

The importance of fitness and exercise can never be reiterated enough! Aside from staying fit and healthy, it clears your mind, makes you feel energized and have more energy, keeps you mentally alert, lifts your mood and keeps your mind active and healthy.  Working out never fails to put you in a good mood.  Positivity overall is so beneficial for great health as well!

*Parents and pregnant mommas, even just a short amount of exercise 15-20 minutes can help boost your energy besides keeping you healthy and fit. (*Pregnant moms be sure to talk to your OBGYN about what exercise you can do first). 

It is so important to remember that dedication and hard work does pay off.  Yes, it is hard to get started, and that is by far the hardest part when starting a new fitness regimen.  But once you get started, and you see the benefits, it really does becomes a lifestyle. Having a workout buddy or a group fitness program or class really helps with motivation too.  Often you want to quit but in a group setting it will keep you pushing.

Many moms often ask, “How do you find the time”? I don’t.., I have to make the time.  It takes dedication, planning and making exercise a priority (and lots of juggling!) -but it is totally be worth it.

One tip is to schedule time like you would anything else in your day, as an appointment and don't cancel! It doesn't have to be just in the morning, if that's logistical impossible for you. Carve out even 20 minutes and you will see how easy it is to keep to that schedule, otherwise it's so easy you will see to waste 10 minutes here and there, especially with checking emails, texts etc, when you could have done some exercise. 

Whatever you need to do to take some time for yourself-do it! Whether you are a new mom, mom-to-be, parent, friend..Taking time (even if some days it's just 15-20 minutes) for you, your health and overall wellbeing is SO important for you and your children. 

In addition to exercise, diet and sleep are also important for healthy living. Drinking water and staying hydrated is important as well.  It is very important to ensure you get enough sleep.  Lack of sleep often causing overeating due to changes in your hunger hormones.  Additionally it is a cycle as good diet and exercise can help you get better quality sleep. 

You can do it! Let’s get moving all!

Also, the date of March 31st 2019 has already been set for the next Fit Doctors Competition in Miami FL, so mark your calendars!  We have already begun the planning and it will be even bigger and better than this year!   
***If anyone is interested in getting involved either a doctor to join me as a competitor or a business as a partner or sponsor, message me!***

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